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Desire To Trade Podcast | Forex Trading & Interviews with Highly Successful Traders

Oct 3, 2016

Adam Grimes: Building Your Edge In Any Financial Market

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In episode 60 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Adam Grimes, a stock, futures and currency trader with a formal education as a musician. Adam trades for a living and is also behind his personal blog.

He started in Futures trading several years ago and was over-leveraged.

Adam reminds us that there are countless ways to make money in the market, but that a trader's method must be defined in advanced. While a lot of traders rely blindly on trading psychology, Adam highlights the fact that having a proven system is essential from the start.

During this interview, Adam mentions one thing I have noticed from discussing with struggling traders. Most traders who do not have consistent results haven't even tested their systems but want to believe that their system work.

Topics Covered - Adam Grimes

  • Why common trading advice can be wrong
  • The technical analysis concepts that don't have an edge
  • How quantitative trading works
  • Reliance on trading psychology and its effect
  • How to find your edge in the market
  • How you can fail to trade successfully with a backtested system
  • How to use discretion in your trading
  • How to adapt your strategy to several markets
  • The FIRST stage of success - Very important!

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Resources Mentioned

If you truly want to succeed in Forex trading, you need to keep working on yourself so you can improve your strengths, but also your weaknesses. Do not focus solely on what you're good at.

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