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Jan 20, 2020

Finding A Strategy & Not Enough Time To Trade? (Q&A)

In episode 229 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, we have the 1st Q&A for the year in which I tackle the questions you need to succeed in trading.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn...

  • Welcome to the first Q&A session of 2020 00:14
  • Where and how do you find a strategy with Edge 01:00
  • What timeframes does Etienne trade currently 05:32
  • Etienne's goal for 2020 8:00
  • What brokers Etienne use 09:23
  • What is better Forex or Stocks? 10:45
  • Not enough time to trade? Listen to this 12:16
  • Why you need multiple income streams 15:25
  • How long did it take Etienne to become profitable 16:38
  • Should you target Minor pairs instead of Majors 18:59
  • How much money do you need to make a living trading? 22:23
  • Is it better to have a high R:R ratio with a low Win rate? 26:25
  • Technical vs Fundamental analysis 29:36
  • Using multi-timeframe analysis vs a single timeframe 30:59
  • and more...

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