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Oct 9, 2017

113: Day Trader's Story Of Learning Through Failures & Serious Effort - Jerremy Newsome

Day Trader Success Story, Learning Through Failures & Serious Effort – Show Notes

In episode 113 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Jerremy Newsome,  CEO and co-founder of RealLifeTrading. He came on the podcast to share his day trading success story, marked by a few failures but most importantly putting serious efforts.

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Jerremy provided several insights when it comes to building the right money beliefs, trading psychology and understanding yourself as a trader.

We also introduce a new segment on the podcast called "Share a trade", in which the guest share a recent trade accompanied by their thought process.

More About Jerremy Newsome

Jerremy Newsome has been professionally trading the stock market since he was 21 years old. Jerremy specializes in candlesticks, gaps, credit spreads, day & swing trading.

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"Know yourself, know your weaknesses, be ok with it, build a plan and follow it." - Jerremy Newsome (click to tweet)



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