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Desire To Trade Podcast | Forex Trading & Interviews with Highly Successful Traders

Sep 5, 2016

Rayner Teo: The Steps To Become A Successful Trader

Full show notes:

In episode 56 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Rayner Teo, an independent Forex trader from Singapore and the founder of TradingwithRayner.

Rayner started trading at a young age, after he learned there was a trading competition in his university. He soon discovered that becoming a successful trader required a specific strategy. Even after trying several strategies and trading techniques, he couldn’t seem to figure out how to trade successfully. It took him some time, but eventually Rayner had his breakthrough moment. He realized that he had to stick to something (for at least 100 trades) if he wanted to progress.

During this interview, we discussed a few technical topics, but also how Rayner Teo makes his trading journal, and very importantly, the process traders have to go through to become successful while cutting down the cost of their education.

Rayner has a very strong understanding of technical trading. Nevertheless, he has made a huge effort to stay simplistic in his trading. That is where the real power lies

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Example Of Parabolic Trend:

Topics Covered – Rayner Teo

  • Rayner’s learning process 
  • The breakthrough that helped Rayner become a successful trader
  • How to classify trends
  • The journaling and review process for traders
  • Key principles of trade management
  • Getting the required capital for trading
  • And much more!

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