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May 6, 2019

193: 5 ALGORITHMIC TRADING Lessons (learned the hard way)! - Alejandro Perez

5 ALGORITHMIC TRADING Lessons (learned the hard way)!

In episode 193 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I am sitting down with Alejandro, a hybrid swing and day trader that became a collaborator at Desire To Trade Academy. Today we discuss 5 trading lessons related to algorithmic trading that we learned the hard way.

Watch: Video Interview

Topics Covered In This Episode

  • Who is Alejandro Pérez and has been his trading path 00:54

  • Alejandro's development as an algo trader 03:38

  • How to handle drawdowns when implementing an algo strategy 07:51

  • Have alerts at the extremes of "normal" risk limits 10:18

  • When to know your strategy stops working 12:52

  • Thinking of algos strategies stats like "investment" profiles 16:18

  • Turning your algos during economic events/ news 17:44

  • The importance of always keep running your algos in demo even when they are already live 20:20

  • How often you go back and test potential improvements to your algos 22:17

  • What platform Alex uses to program his algos 25:22

  • How to know that you are ready to advance to the next step with your algo strategy development 28:02

  • The importance of keep working in your development process 34:55

  • Having different strategies to work on different market conditions 36:12

  • and much more

Resources Mentioned

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DesireToTRADE Academy (exclusive training program)

How To Find Alejandro Perez?

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