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Desire To Trade Podcast | Forex Trading & Interviews with Highly Successful Traders

Nov 26, 2018

How Traders TRADE to STAY Successful (Over the Long-Run)

In episode 171 of the Desire To Trade Podcast and live Q&A, I sit down once again with Mandi Pour Rafsendjani to discuss how traders trade to stay successful over the long run!

Trading with your emotions can be difficult at first, but by applying the tips in this video, you'll make the process much easier. You'll find out the techniques used by very successful traders on how to deal with trading emotions.

Watch the video interview here!


Topics Covered In This Episode

  • What’s happening in Mandi Pour Rafsendjani’s life right now and her conference discussing trading mindset and psychology [1:26]
  • Why some traders trade and cannot continue long-term [8:27]
  • What things traders need to do in order to succeed [12:48]
  • What it’s like getting a trading coach [15:16]
  • What Mandi’s 4-part framework in trading is to help you succeed (mindset, structure, implementation, feedback) [18:55]
  • Not seeing the gaps in trading plans that you've created [27:47]
  • How to start when you don’t know at all [30:49]
  • Why having a trading mindset is important [32:51]
  • Learning a trading system and training your mind to see; surrounding yourself with the right people [36:10]
  • Facing your demons and figuring out what is not working in your methodology [40:29]
  • Changing your perspectives on what is a big account [46:17]
  • Learning from the right people [48:15]
  • Enjoying trading even if it’s difficult [53:26]


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