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Desire To Trade Podcast | Forex Trading & Interviews with Highly Successful Traders

Aug 13, 2018


Develop A Profitable Forex Trading System

In episode 156 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Casey Stubbs, a Forex day trader and the man behind Trading Strategy Guides. Casey has been featured earlier in episode 035 of the podcast. You can watch it here

Casey has been putting massive work into delivery systems and making his trading really systematized. He’s kind of a success story in that field.

In this podcast, Casey talks about how he’s been able to use the systems and indicators to use for his trading while building different businesses and while working on different things. While I was getting a lot of value out that chat, I wanted to publish this so you guys do the same and hopefully you’ll hear some advice on how to create strategies that are systematized, how to back this, how to combine business and life in trading, and all these different things.

You can watch the video interview of this episode here.  

Topics Covered In This Episode

  • Who Casey is and what he has been doing this past month [2:18]
  • How Casey started to first trade and what happened after [4:11]
  • How he evolved from trading stocks to Forex [5:44]
  • Casey’s learning curve and overcoming challenges in trading [6:51]
  • How and why Casey created the indicators [8:33]
  • Trading manually or with a script [10:53]
  • Price action and looking at the levels versus indicators [11:50]
  • Casey’s process of back testing and measuring results [13:48]
  • The most challenging aspect of being a trader [17:10]
  • Discipline and taking the right trades [18:32]
  • What the steps and time frame are to create a system that works in the market [22:29]
  • What happened to Winner’s Edge Trading [23:52]
  • How Casey gets ideas for the ideas and strategies [24:51]
  • Limit of how many indicators to use [25:50]
  • Casey’s favorite trading platform [26:53]
  • Using Trading View [27:50]
  • What Casey thinks most traders do wrong when trying to create a system [28:09]
  • How Casey combines trading with having a family and business and doing all these things on the side [29:12]
  • Casey’s trading goals and profit targets [32:18]
  • Casey’s response to someone wanting to make $10,000 from trading [36:46]
  • How you can learn from people and apply them in your life [41:27]
  • The one thing Casey thinks people should apply and/or do [45:43]

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