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Apr 3, 2017

Stefanie Kammerman: A Female Stocks Day Trader On Dark Pool Trading & Discipline

In episode 86 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Stefanie Kammerman, is the founder of  The Stock Whisperer Trading Company, a published singer/ songwriter, an educator, a coach and a trader. Her journey in trading started back when she and her friend decided to attend a traders' event that led her to engage trading travel, teach and gain more money.

Show notes:

More about Stefanie Kammerman

In just a year, she mastered the overnight trading system with the best traders and learned not to think about the money, but to only trade correctly. In fact, her first year of trading she won the trader of the year award. Now, she is popularly known as "The Stock Whisperer", doing workshops, teaching beginners and veteran traders all over the world on how to swing trade through her online training room, The Java Pit.

Throughout this interview, Stefanie shows her love and passion to trade that makes her happy that she don't want to miss a single minute in trading and her priceless goal is to change people's live.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn...

  • How Stefanie come across the trading market
  • What is dark pool trading
  • $SPY: Massive Dark Pool Level
  • Why sometimes the market comes up or down so much
  • The things that she learned that makes her a successful trader
  • What was her best trade
  • Transition:  from a successful multi-trader to coaching and teaching career
  • The key to spotting dark pools
  • The suggested dark pool software to be used for those interested
  • The key to giving you a successful trading rate
  • How Stefanie deals risk
  • Factors you're going to look at when dealing risk
  • How to identify the past and present market
  • Why she loves the day trading
  • The hardest part she noticed for the new traders 
  • Patience: knowing when to enter and not to enter
  • Testing and strategy to make more money
  • The positive traits that must have as a trader
  • Boot Camp: Reboot traders
  • And much more!

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