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Desire To Trade Podcast | Forex Trading & Interviews with Highly Successful Traders

Jun 18, 2018

Stocks Trader Routines & Strategies To Get Wealthy

In episode 148 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Jerremy Newsome, CEO and co-founder of RealLifeTrading in the US. I interviewed him a few episodes back (Episode 113) but today we go more in detail into what he trades, the strategies and also the routine he follows on a daily basis.

In this podcast, one topic we touch on in this interview which I think we never talked about before, is what does it take to become wealthy from trading. This is major because you cannot just trade day to day and become a wealthy trader. The definition of being wealthy, as Jeremy says, is “being able to make money while you sleep” -- and that won’t happen with trading most of the time.

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Topics Covered In This Episode

  • Who Jerremy is and what he does [2:23]
  • What are Jerremy’s routines, things he does on a daily basis, things that make him a better trader and the strategies behind them [3:55]
  • Why Jerremy looks at volume and what he wants to see [6:40]
  • How he looks at a daily/weekly chart and 500 chart [12:58]
  • Why Jerremy sells on a bullish volume [15:25]
  • How Jerremy profits on the different scenarios [16:42]
  • Building wealth and investing part of it to trade [21:50]
  • How Jerremy manages when he travels to a different place [23:15]
  • How Jerremy works when he’s trading [27:18]
  • Entering one or multiple trades at a time [29:03]
  • How volume is more important for upward breakout than downward breakdown [31:37]
  • Jerremy’s open house trading room at Real Life Trading [35:56]
  • Biggest pitfalls traders make [38:08]
  • Separating his long-term stuff as opposed to short-term, having different trading accounts [40:49]
  • Things to do to become a profitable trader if you’re just starting from scratch [43:52]
  • Pros and cons of focusing on the stock market in your country [49:04]
  • Jerremy’s advice for people trading [54:30]
  • And many more!

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