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Apr 30, 2018

How To Trade Fundamental Analysis In Forex

In episode 141 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview full-time trader and podcaster Brandon Turner from Two Blokes Trading. From his desk in Toronto, he was able to offer his knowledge on trading fundamentals. Brandon is primarily a fundamental trader who looks at Forex and he went through all the steps, all the things that has to be looked at before starting a Forex trade.

In this podcast, Brandon talks about whether you want to trade with the news or you want to look at the fundamental trade before entering a trade, what are the things you need to know and the fundamentals of trading.

Topics Covered In This Episode

  • Who he is, what he’s doing, and a little bit about his trading [2:26]
  • How he taught himself fundamentals and sentiment [8:36]
  • His trading style and what he’s looking for in the market [9:54]
  • How he responds to fundamentals and sentiment seen on chart to trade better [12:26]
  • What and how people react to fundamental events [16:45]
  • What his daily routine looks like to be able to get that sentiment or picture of the market [18:11]
  • How he interprets and the resources he uses [22:04]
  • Where you can find the main areas that the Central Bank is focusing on [23:15]
  • How often he is right on what he thinks is going to happen with the trades [25:19]
  • How he places stop-loss and risk management [28:59]
  • Other sentiments or fundamental tools that he uses apart from the news [30:50]
  • TV channels he looks at [33:28]
  • How the news affects his trade [34:10]
  • His advice for people in trading [35:45]

Resources Mentioned

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How To Find Brandon Turner?

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