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May 23, 2016

All You Need To Know About Forex News Trading w/ Yohay Elam

If you have been trading Forex for a while, you probably noticed the, sometimes, big spikes in the price of certain currency pairs. As a matter of fact, news reports are released almost every single day and the market tend to react strongly to them.

A quick advice: if you aren't aware of this, you NEED to listen to this podcast episode!

In episode 41 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Yohay Elam, the founder of Forex Crunch and host of Market Movers.

Yohay is very knowledgeable when it comes to fundamental analysis and what affects the currency market. He shared in great details what Forex traders can expect from news releases and what they have to look for. 

Yohay studied computer science, but learned about the Forex market mostly by himself through books and other self-education resources. He then started exchanging his ideas and view of the market with other people, an activity that proved itself to be very useful.

Today, Yohay publishes his analyses on his website and hosts a podcast where he shares what took place in the financial market.

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Question & Cheat Sheet - Yohay Elam

  • The news impacting the Forex market
    • Full list in Top 5 News Releases You Should Care About As A Forex Trader
  • What pairs are best to trade news in different countries
    • The more volatile pairs have a bigger and faster reaction to news
    • The USD/CAD tend to have a slightly delayed reaction to a news event.
    • News are often leaked and the reaction may occur prior to the official release on the GBP/USD.
  • How day traders and swing traders can use news releases
  • The single most important advice you need if you trade news releases

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